Eric was my executive coach in Kellogg’s Executive MBA Program. I found him to be an amazing executive coach and mentor. Eric truly understood my values and motivations and recommended a path of action to me based on what I value the most. After discussions with Eric, I found clarity and purpose in my actions and felt more confident in my decisions. Above all, he was very flexible with his schedule and was easy to work. I will definitely look for more opportunities to work with Eric, and I highly recommend him for executive coaching. Saurabh Raisinghani, Vice President of Technology, Publicis.Sapient, Washington, DC

Eric Fridman coached me on a career conundrum I’d struggled with for several years. I’m a coach myself and had been coached by a number of skilled people, but I still struggled with what seemed to me like an impossible puzzle. Eric brought his marketing background, his business hat and his coaching expertise to bear on the problem. His approach was remarkable for the deep respect he showed me when I let down my guard and let him see where I didn’t know what to do next or where I needed to go. I also valued the fact that he did not assume the problem was solved before I said it was. Toward the end of the session, I was able to bring up one specific aspect of my career that I had not yet found a place for in my “vision,” and Eric used his decades of experience to help me to shift my perspective so I could see where that piece fit. As a result of that session, I made decisions in the following week that shaped my choice of graduate school program, clarified my professional vision and made me feel I’d found the way to weave together multiple, seemingly disparate loose threads of my abilities and interests into a coherent tapestry. I am deeply grateful to Eric and recommend him without hesitation. Lora Williams, Wellness Coach, Andover, MA

“Eric’s leadership has had an immeasurable impact on my career. I had the privilege of working for him at the Kellogg School of Management from 2003-2005, which were formative years in my career. Eric focuses on mentoring and coaching his employees, rather than simply managing them, and his approach to leadership both teaches and inspires. I learned a tremendous amount from Eric about dealing with adversity, managing others, and leading with integrity. One of the strengths of Eric’s coaching approach is that he helps others work through challenges from multiple perspectives, which builds one’s capacity to lead, rather than simply teaching someone how to tackle the issue of the day. It’s been more than 10 years since I’ve worked with Eric, and I still apply his leadership lessons to my work every day.” Mario Polizzi, Assistant Vice President for Student Services, University of Chicago

“I learned a great deal in my time working in Eric’s group. He placed a strong emphasis on professional development and encouraged me to grow as a marketer. Eric also stressed the importance of reflection and taught me not only to think deeply about current marketing challenges but also to deliberately plan my career. Perhaps most important, Eric modeled exemplary integrity as the leader of our group and consistently put the good of the organization first.” Adam Rowings, Head of Community Analytics, Instagram at Facebook

“I had the pleasure of getting to know Eric when he joined Kellogg after years in the tech and telecom sector. His background in a fast moving industry and his personal commitment to excellence, collaboration and community-building quickly made him a key contributor to UNICON, the international consortium for executive education. He not only reached out to build bridges across organizations, but he was the catalyst for bringing together a subgroup of leading global schools to think deeply about the future of our industry and what we as key suppliers had to do to adapt to meet the demands of tomorrow’s challenges. His efforts brought together a diverse group of leaders to create an informal learning community. That select community of peers became the highlight of our industry conferences. On a personal level, Eric is a trusted peer and a respected competitor. In a sense he got the new world of business before many others, and he practices what he preaches. He reaches out to learn from others and shares that learning with all.  Mike Malefakis, Associate Vice Dean, Wharton Executive Education

“To me, Eric epitomizes the things that make the Kellogg School of Management great. He’s smart, thoughtful and collaborative by nature. He is a student of business who understands how organizations run and how to position them for success. But just as importantly, he cares deeply about humanity. On a global scale, Eric cares about organizations and the impact they make in society. On an individual level, he cares about the team of people he works with and leads. He not only seeks to hear their opinions and expertise, but also about their overall happiness and well being. Coming out of times when business leaders have made countless dubious choices, it’s great to see others like Eric who remain principled and committed to the idea that there has to be a better way.” Chris Tussing, Chief Marketing Officer, Merge; President, Merge Chicago

“Eric did a superb job of building a first-rate marketing department in support of Kellogg School Executive Education during the eight years that we worked together. He orchestrated dramatic improvements in the quality and motivation of the staff, marketing communications, data analytics, and all of our marketing processes. Through the efforts of Eric and his team, we were able to recover from the impact of September 11, 2001, on the business and go on to achieve record revenues and profits.” Stephen Burnett, Professor Emeritus, Kellogg School of Management

“Eric has the right combination of what it takes to be a coach – he is a thoughtful listener, asks insightful questions and offers effective tools to help address client needs. Eric helped me think differently about my apprehension with public speaking and by working with me, brought to light some amazing insights I never would have discovered on my own.”  Hafiza Adam, Associate Director of Administration, Northwestern University

“I had the fortunate opportunity to work on Eric’s team for six of my years at the Kellogg School of Management. Eric is an incredible team builder who cares about engaging individual contributors to yield the best organizational outcomes. A thoughtful listener, supportive manager, and natural collaborator, Eric is encouraging and trusting of his colleagues. He fosters both creative and analytic thinking in his team and appreciates the value of multiple perspectives in the decision making process. Eric’s leadership showed me how cultivating team commitment, providing growth opportunities, and creating a positive environment has the power to drive individual performance, inspire great ideas, and exceed goals.”  Christina-Mai Takahashi Just, Executive Education Associate at The University of Utah David Eccles School of Business

“I had the privilege of working for Eric for over 8 years during our time at the Kellogg School. He is an inspirational leader who taught me a lot about how to be a good marketer but more importantly how to be a good manager and leader. Eric is one of those rare managers who is able to provide strategic vision and direction while trusting his team to make good decisions and develop their own portfolio of skills and experiences.” Meghan Manchon, Strategic Marketing Specialist at Be The Match operated by National Marrow Donor Program