One challenge I faced when creating this website was finding a way to give prospective clients some sense of what’s important to me as a human being and as a coach. I think it’s essential that I present myself personally as well as professionally to my clients, as an individual who honors certain values that shape how I respond to the world in which we live.

I come from an academic background and work at a university, so at times I can come across as somewhat cerebral. That said, I also rely heavily on intuition to keep me grounded and centered, especially in relationship with others. I have a decidedly spiritual bent – I’ve practiced meditation for years, so cultivating presence, mindfulness, and compassion in my coaching practice is an important dimension of how I hope to show up for my clients. These are some of the qualities, I’ve come to see, that distinguish me as an executive coach.

Like many coaches (and former high-school English teachers), I’m drawn toward metaphor, and I hope some of the photographs I’ve selected for this site resonate with you. I rely on photography to create a portrait of what I value as a human being and on language to describe the theoretical foundations of my work as a coach.

I’m a proud product of middle America, where I grew up, went to school, and have spent most of my life. My wife and I live in Glenview, Illinois, just north of Chicago, and we have two grown children who are out making their ways in the world – successfully and happily, I’m delighted to say.

Welcome to my site. I hope you find something of meaning in these pages, something that sparks a moment of reflection or a flash of inspiration. I look forward to connecting with you.