Welcome to Eric Fridman Executive Coaching!

I have one simple goal as a coach – to help my clients transform themselves from good to great, from the merely capable to the extraordinary. My goal with this website is to give you some idea of how we might accomplish this transformation together.

There are a few things you should know about me. I come from an academic background, so at times I can come across as somewhat analytical, even cerebral. That said, I also rely heavily on intuition to keep me grounded and centered, especially in relationship with others.  I keep a long-standing meditation practice, so cultivating presence, mindfulness, and compassion in my coaching practice is an important dimension of how I hope to show up for my clients. These are some of the qualities, I’ve come to see, that distinguish me as an executive coach.

I’m a proud product of middle America, where I grew up, went to school, and have spent most of my life. My wife and I live in Glenview, Illinois, just north of Chicago, and we have two grown children who are out making their ways in the world – successfully and happily, I’m delighted to say.

Again, welcome to my site. I hope you find something in these pages that sparks a moment of reflection or a flash of inspiration, something that energizes you to begin your journey from good to great. I look forward to connecting with you.